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Dear Chronic Perfectionist

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It is a pet peeve of mine when someone tries to use the idea of not being perfect as an excuse for questionable behavior and decisions. Human fallacy does not absolve us of accountability. There is a huge difference between errors in judgment and willful shenanigans. The latter of which is undeserving of imperfection as a cop-out.

That being said, YOU ARE NOT PERFECT. Neither am I. Neither is anyone, and that’s ok.

Because we will, inevitably, fall short sometimes. Being in a place where we cannot tolerate this will leave us feeling as though we are not good enough. We will take even the slightest lapse of character, skill or behavior as an indictment on who we are as a person — due to the fact that we are not allowing ourselves the space, and more importantly the grace to be human.

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Life, Love and the Pursuit Of

I won’t give up, if you don’t give up.

Life, Love and the Pursuit Of explores some of our universal challenges in life, using Acamea’s personal experiences as a guide. It will challenge your way of thinking, your way of doing and living as a means to inspire and encourage.

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Being Comfortable Being You

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I remember intentionally flunking an eye exam when I was a kid. My mother took my brother and me to the optometrist for a routine eye test and I had decided that I was not going to pass it this time. Why? Because I wanted to wear glasses.

So, when the doctor sat me behind whatever that massive machine is called that’s connected to what appears to be an intricate set of binoculars, I faked it. … Continue reading on

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