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Joy as a Form of Resistance

We don’t have to suffer to take a stand.

In our efforts to avoid yielding to unfair or undesirable treatment and circumstances, we often resort to combativeness. We refuse to engage people, places and things that may actually be enjoyable in order to prove a point. We’re adamant about showing our disdain. The irony is, we often end up hurting no one but ourselves. There is nothing that those who seek to do us harm and hurt our feelings would love more than to see us upset.

For Those Who Stand in the Rain Because You Don’t Trust the Sun


We believe pain and sadness without a second thought. When we’re hurting, we don’t question if it’s real. When someone does something to upset us, we don’t usually wait and see before allowing ourselves to feel that emotion.

Yet, when something good happens — when something is done to make us smile or bring us joy, we’re skeptical. We question the motive and wonder if it will last. We may allow ourselves to feel brief moments of joy or gratitude, but we’re often then waiting for the other shoe to drop. We move on to looking for the bad that we feel is sure to follow.

Under the guise of being realistic, we question everything positive that happens in our lives. We can meet a genuinely good, kind person of admirable integrity, and we’ll spend time searching for what’s wrong with them. We don’t believe it. We call them ‘too good to be true.’ And sometimes they are. That saying exists for a reason. But, sometimes they’re not. We engage in self-sabotage and block our own blessings out of an inability to simply accept them.

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